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Product Engineer @ Fair Square Medicare

Fair Square Medicare

Fair Square Medicare

New York, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023
What you’ll do

You’ll lead development for, which takes a senior from knowing nothing about Medicare to feeling confident they have the best health insurance their budget allows. You’ll work on our: * Intake flow to make it dead simple for a user to give us the info we need to recommend a set of insurance plans. * Decision making support tools that explain when someone should enroll in Medicare and under what circumstances they shouldn’t. * Plan ingestion backend to collect plan details from multiple sources * Recommendation experience, so that when we show our three recommendations out of the 50 plans available to the average senior, they understand why we chose them. * Recommendation engine, which uses insurance plan information, provider quality information, and prescription drug pricing to make personalized recommendations.

Who you are

You're a product-minded engineer. You've built dazzling consumer web experiences and maybe even conceived of them yourself. You're not a designer but if you weren't working with one, you could put together a nice UX/UI on your own. You want to talk to customers. You have side projects. And you're good with React, graphql, and node.